Monday, December 17, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My First Foray Into MUA...

Ever since I watched Wayne Goss swatch an MUA eyeshadow on his channel I knew I had to have one.  Alas, I live in the United States and had to accept the fact that I probably never would.  MUA is a UK brand... (que violins)... and I could not bring myself to shell out those crazy shipping fees for what is basically a drugstore cosmetics line.  Imagine my joy when I saw that MUA was having an online sale with 30% off & free shipping to the US!  I could not get my debit card out of my purse fast enough.  No seriously, it happened.  I couldn't find my card and I was soon clawing at my purse like a wild animal in a panic.  Not my best moment.  I furiously googled and clicked my way through the interweb, desperately trying to find swatches and reviews as fast as possible before I just couldn't take it anymore and started placing my order.  Did I mention I love makeup?  Anyways, four weeks later it was here... My Order!  The following low quality pictures will give you an idea of pigmentation and texture.  They are not meant to be color correct swatches, on account of the artificial lighting used.  I just couldn't wait though!  Forgive me??
clockwise from top left:
Shade 24- Pearl
Shade 18- Matt
Shade 9- Pearl
Shade 12- Pearl
clockwise from top left:
Shade 16- Matt
Shade 15- Pearl
Shade 20- Matt
Shade 19- Matt
24... All of these are buttery smooth, but this one also has a softness to it that is so beautiful!  This would be a great inner highlight on darker skin tones, or a pretty lid color for a neutral eye.
16... reminds me of a creamier, better, slightly pinker version of MAC Brule
20... Sweet Lord this is a beautiful shadow!  Ultra pigmented and creamy, it's a deep gray that would play nice with any color combination. Would make a nice liner too if used wet
9... Not as pigmented but super smooth and gorgeous!  This would be amazing over a black or white cream base, I'm thinking Blackground or Milk.
18... Very pretty lilac.  Again, it's creamier than your average light purple color which makes it a must own for anyone obsessed with purples.  Usually these types of shades are chalky and difficult in my opinion.
19... This is such an amazing neutral mid-tone brown!  I am all about a nice brown in the crease and usually they run a little too warm or a little too cool.  I am constantly layering browns trying to warm up or cool down a neutral eye.  No Mas!  The texture is sublime, I wanted to lick it :)
  (I ended up NOT licking it in case you're concerned)
15... Deepest gray with a slight pearl finish, almost black.  This will probably replace my blacks simply because of the blendability and pigmentation it provides which are missing in most, if not all matte blacks.  (You know who you are Carbon!)
Here it is... #12!
Famously replicated and duped (Club, Intrepid, Label Whore, that shade in the Night Elf palette, etc., etc.) I am going on record as saying this is my favorite.  I may do a comparison post in the future.  #12 is so creamy and not nearly as RED as the others... you know what I mean if you've ever blended out a Club eye trying to be adventurous
 *never again*
So there you have it, my first impressions of the MUA singles!  These eyeshadows are really something special and I totally understand why everyone always talks about them.  I would love to get my hands on every single one of them someday but will most definitely wait for another sale.  I'm pretty sure they're having another sale right now but I don't think shipping is free, you may want to check it out.  Each shadow contains 2g of product which is awesome plus they are super cheap!